What Now My Love (Trumpet Part) - Trumpet in B-flat

Phil Smith, trumpet: 'It's a blessing'
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Herb Alpert - What Now My Love (Trumpet)

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Classic Rock Instrumental Solos Arr. The important thing is you follow what John said and make sure that you know what key the song is in and whether or not any transposition is in effect, because when you load the song in BIAB, there is no obvious way to tell. I make separate folders for songs in different pitches for different instruments.

Parts, Versions, Transpositions

Some people name the song with the key in the name. But find something to keep it straight. I switch hands on the horn all the time, but a euph or bari makes that pretty easy. I don'[t have that problem with the keyboard and the horn though, I just have to add in enough bridge to make sure I can get one down and the other going.

Is it a C trumpet? Maybe Matt knows the fingering for a C trumpet, everything is Bflat here. It's highly unlikely Russell was given a C trumpet, but that would solve some problems. As for fingering, it's the same as Bb although many C trumpets have a few notes where alternate fingerings are more in tune. D, Eb and E at the top of the staff are often better with alternate fingering play it as if the note were down an octave. The whole principle behind fingering on transposing instruments is that you should be able to learn one fingering, and, by reading the music for the appropriate key, always play that note with almost the same fingering.

Otherwise, it would be a nightmare to switch horns. Quote: Probably some way to deal with the guitar and a capo but I'm no guitarist Re the capo: Check out this rather humorous video from the incomparable Martin Taylor: Down at Cocomo's Trust me, it's worth your time.

Guitarists may appreciate the capo thing more than others. Matt, I need to study the alternative fingerings, but we get a weekly lesson in what finger to use when. I'll ask Dr. Hank the keys it works best in and get back to you.

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What Now My Love (Trumpet Part) - Trumpet in B-flat - Kindle edition by Gilbert Becaud, Herb Alpert. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Digital Sheet Music of What Now My Love (Trumpet Part) - Trumpet in B-flat Composed by: Gilbert Becaud Performed by: Herb Alpert.

But you can't go by the tempered scale. Pythagoras and his theories. Doesn't matter much what key you are in; if the note is flatter than a pancake, it's going to sound bad in any key. For most players, I think lipping up is harder than lipping down.

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I never use 3 alone on a C. I use 3 alone a lot on a Bb trumpet or flugel, though, mostly for speed. Tholse thinking that they might be able to use a C trumpet for playing pop, rock or jazz music and get away with reading the Concert keys on charts should also be informed that the C Trumpet has quite a different tonality than the Bb Trumpet and may not end up sounding all that great at the genre. I can appreciate that. I have a friend who plays C-trumpet exclusively because he 'swears' by it. Evidently it was given to him after high-school.

But, he's been told repeatedly that his horn is too 'bright' and truthfully I think it's cost him a gig or two -- he is a talented player. I'm not sure he can hear the difference -- even my non-musician friends can hear the difference. In fact, I've given him my Bf to try I haven't played in years and he himself doesn't hear a difference -- I think he's gone tone dead.

Quote: Guitar and B-flat trumpet are one full step two half-steps apart. I'm not understanding something par for the course. I know, my theorizing here is just MY simple mind. In my mind, the difference between B and C is one note. What am I thinking here? Why do you say what you say here? Why one full step? Well, two half-steps equals one full step.

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If you're having trouble visualizing what a half-step is, think of adjacent keys on the piano and use the BACK of the keyboard. From C down to B natural is a half-step. From B natural down to Bb is a half-step. Since a Bb horn is pitched one full step lower than concert pitch, the music written for it must be pitched one full step in the other direction higher to compensate. Quote: I can appreciate that.

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In general, you are correct. A C trumpet usually sounds both 'brighter' and 'lighter' than a Bb, assuming you can find words to quantify such things. However, individual horns make a difference.