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For her novels, she created her own publishing company, and takes full advantage of the ebook market, which she believes is the wave of the future. Of course, murder mysteries are not the only books penned by Dr. Melissa that are popular with readers. She also has a large collection of short stories that explore a number of diverse genres from romantic fiction to fantasy to science fiction.

As for what is next, Dr. So, exactly how does Dr. I'm a resident from psychiatry. Could we—". Oh, dear. She really was depressed. The psychiatric patients who come to the emergency room are usually depressed or psychotic. I set her file down on the desk and scanned the room for tissues. They always kept a box handy on psych.

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I don't speak Chinese. But I could get a translator if you like. I flinched, not wanting to jerk away, but mildly freaked. Who was this woman? She checked herself. Her hand dropped to her side and she tried to smile. I relaxed a little. That's nice. Is your daughter, ah, here with you? My shoulders tensed. It's an answer you never expect. And, even though I tried not to be superstitious, I found it eerie that her dead daughter was a resident who looked just like me. She blinked.

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No Air (Hope Sze medical mystery) - Kindle edition by Melissa Yi, Melissa Yuan-​Innes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Code Blues (Hope Sze Medical Mystery, #1), Notorious D.O.C. (Hope Sze Medical Student Body: A Hope Sze Novella, with Bonus Radio Drama: No Air.

The tears already shining in her eyes dripped on to her cheeks. She ignored them, still staring at me. She dabbed her eyes with a tissue she extracted from her purse. I know she's gone. It's just that I've been without hope for so long. I twitched. My name, Hope, is a constant sore spot for me.

When people mention the concept, I always feel like they're talking about me, although Mrs. Lee was the most poignant example.

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They think it's tragic, but I should move on after eight years. Although the emerg nurse, Roxanne, hadn't rolled her eyes, I could certainly imagine others would, and Mrs. Lee knew it. To use psych lingo, Mrs.

Lee had insight, meaning that she understood her condition. A lot of psych patients don't. They think you're the nutbar who doesn't receive the secret messages from the Cadbury commercial, and they're perfectly sane. Her mouth twisted with what might have been humor under different circumstances.

I only knew about sectors because Tucker, who did psych last month, had explained them to me. The Island of Montreal was carved into psychiatry "sectors" according to postal code. If you had mental health issues, you had to go to whatever hospital sector you belonged to.

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No exceptions, even if it made no sense. We had patients who were literally born at St. Joe's and lived across the street, but they had to get downtown to the Montreal General for their psychiatrist.

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Lee already knew this, which was a little scary. She was clearly an intelligent woman who'd been grieving for eight years. What was I going to do for her? I'd better steer her away from the subject of her daughter's death, even though I really wanted to know how she'd died. Curiosity not only killed the cat, it lured me into medical school—and into fighting crime, although I was hanging up my magnifying glass after my first-and-only case last month.


Maybe we should start at the beginning. How would you describe your mood, on a scale of one to ten—". She waved her hand, cutting me off. Saya is happy to prescribe me medication or let me run off at the mouth, but I don't want to talk about it anymore. I want justice. I knew I should get back on track, asking her about depression, but I couldn't resist. She laughed and tossed her tissue in the garbage.

Two points. They say I don't have any proof it wasn't an accident. It was a hit and run, you see. Maybe it really was an accident. I crossed my legs.

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Instead, she jets off to Goa, India and lands in the midst of spies! He tried. I might be twenty-six years old, with an M. Of course, being relatively thin didn't stop me from complaining about my thighs on a bad day. No, thanks! Red Red. Skip to content.

She leaned forward and placed her hands on her knees, eyes suddenly sharp. I hesitated. I yearned to say yes, even though my logic and medical training shied away from her.

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She shook herself. Of course you don't, yet. But I could show you what I have. I have an entire file on Laura. I had to draw the line at sorting through Laura's gap-toothed elementary school photos and stellar report cards. Hope Sze faces down lovers and killers, all before the seatbelt sign gets turned on for landing.

Frank Warsh, author of The Flame Broiled Doctor "Wonderfully captures the tensions of managing crises, mingled with the wit, improvisation, and humour used to survive them.

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Great characters with personality quirks that many docs will recognize. I love it. It kept me up all night. I had to tell the whole airline about it. Further authors include Louise Penny and Maureen Jennings One of the best Canadian suspense books to read at the cottage