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And even a half-orc and his battle-hog have a destiny. Lady Astronaut, Bk.


SF A meteor strike puts the future of humanity at stake, pushing the need for space colonization decades ahead of schedule. Elma York, a pilot and mathematician with the International Aerospace Coalition, advocates for one small step for womankind. A smart, speculative twist on the space race. Harper Voyager.


his angel Gabriella Blanchett can't seem to resist the addictive lure of another pleasure-filled night with the smoldering rock star. He'd be perfect except for the. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Angel's Addiction (Rockin' Hard Book 1) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from.

FANTASY In this grimdark, ownvoices epic fantasy, every triumph turns to tragedy or worse, from the first moment its peasant heroine defies expectations, leaving her village and ascending to the lowest rung of a premier military academy. She emerges not triumphant but bloody, broken, and incandescent. SF Military sf meets detective story in this standout debut.

Del Rey: Ballantine. FANTASY This harsh and beautiful Rumpelstiltskin retelling follows a determined young Jewish woman who becomes a moneylender—braving opprobrium—to save her family from poverty. Her acumen attracts an elf king whose wintery land has an insatiable appetite for gold. Her cunning and fierce defense of her value and her people bring a hard-fought happy ending. Binti, Bk. SF The magnificent conclusion of the Binti trilogy draws the eponymous heroine literally down to Earth to reconnect with her home and people, bring them into alignment with her larger family from the stars, and try to save both from their tragedies of character—only to result in a surprising twist ending.

Saga: Gallery. Sixth World, Bk. Maggie Hoskie, a monster slayer with clan abilities, must battle knowing that some monsters wear the face of a friend. An Indigenous urban fantasy debut that captures readers from the start. FANTASY A tale of self-exile and parental grief becomes stranger and more powerful as forces in an alternate, African Jewish homeland manipulate reality and borders for a defense that becomes a horror.

  • Sir Elton John says his addiction battle made him who he is today | Daily Mail Online.
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Murderbot Diaries, Bk. But Mensah is being held captive, and Murderbot must come to the rescue of humans, again. The snarkiest AI around, Murderbot lives up to its name in this fourth novella of the series. Mariner: Houghton Harcourt.

Sir Elton John says his addiction battle made him who he is today

This stunningly original debut engages head-on with the darkest themes of contemporary life—race and racism, violence, consumerism, and the seductions of anger in a cruel world—in consistently surprising stories ranging from dystopian fantasy to satire to lovingly handled realism. Thirty-five is young to be a burnout. Little, Brown. At once goofy, poignant, and edged with the fantastic, the stories in this debut collection initially surprise, then turn into one long, delicious rush, as when a floundering grade school teacher buys two cheap plastic statues—an Electric Jesus and a Flashing Virgin—that when plugged in become alive and overbearing.

These deep dives into hearts and minds are warm and emotionally astute, the city settings vivid, and the writing beautiful. A recurring young protagonist, the son of Czech immigrants as is the author , is particularly engaging as he grapples with his emerging awareness of family dynamics during lates lakeside summers. Throughout these final stories from the masterly Trevor, limpid and clearly defined as dewdrops, we see characters dealing with the past and moving forward—or not. Again, Wilson limns fraught family relations and the trouble many adults have growing up.

As absorbing as any mystery. Written in the heightened language of dreams, this new work from exiled Iranian award winner Mandanipour features a young wastrel carted off by the Revolutionary Guards, sent to fight in Iraq, and then institutionalized, who searches for the elusive Moon Brow as two scribes, his rational and demonically angry selves, perch on either shoulder. Imaginative and bracing. A famous painter succumbing to dementia. A wealthy, middle-aged man alone in a mountainside mansion. A motherless schoolgirl raised by an aunt. And an unnamed artist, 36 and newly single.

Indelible characters, historical resonance, a relentlessly entertaining plot, and a fluid translation reflecting the colloquial original. Originally published in Korea in to best-selling success. The dialog snaps, crackles, and pops as curmudgeonly illustrator Daniele Mallarico tends preternaturally bright four-year-old grandson Mario. New Directions. Almostyear-old Yoshiro remains vigorous. In this alternate future, everything is potentially poisoned; even children face extinction, and the elderly bear responsibility for the fragile new generations.

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Let whatever needs to come through come through. I mean, who would when you can carry around your entire library on one small device. This might be the first wholly cynical inductee. Day Of The Dead. Step 1: Get into the habit of asking The first step to connecting with your spirit guides is to get into the habit of asking. The Wanderer Paartanz.

Yet hope remains. Not your standard fiction, this Man Booker International Prize winner is essentially a meditation on travel—undertaken for various reasons but mostly for the journey itself. The result: an unmistakable sense of sweep. MEMOIR The author captures the private side of her enigmatic and legendary father, Leonard Bernstein, filling this exceptionally enthralling memoir with warm and often bittersweet recollections.

She is honest about her struggles with the magnitude of his fame and personality as well as her fervent pursuit of her own identity. BIOG Decades after his death, street photographer and outsize personality Weegee, born Arthur Felig at the turn of the 20th century, is still leaving his mark on photography, both arty and journalistic. New York magazine editor and photography connoisseur Bonanos writes a lively and entertaining biography of the man and his midcentury heyday, even making the physics of photography fascinating.

Houghton Harcourt. This vivacious, arch work explores the man behind the art, introducing, and reintroducing, Gorey to a new generation of fans. Grand Central. MEMOIR Field holds nothing back, describing childhood sexual abuse, unsettling family issues, and complex personal relationships as well as her hard-won journey to become an award-winning actress.

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This powerful, timely narrative resonates with pain and triumph. MUSIC More than just a style of music, hip-hop, writes Greenburg, is an integral part of our culture, leaving an imprint on fashion, TV and film, and business.

LIT Though beloved, Little Women has fallen short of classic status—at least in the eyes of most academics and critics. Its success led her to create the Well-Read Black Girl book club and literary festival. Here her journey comes full circle, as she gathers stories, quotes, and book lists from celebrated black women writers, further affirming the transformative power of reading. Border Patrol and how he struggles to justify his job to his Mexican family. She relays her journey to connect with her birth parents and, later, the sisters she never knew she had.

This harrowing story of escaping terrorism yields an inside look at a conflict that continues to rage. MEMOIR With dynamic prose, this powerful memoir by Khan-Cullors, one of the three founding women of the Black Lives Matter movement, is a call to action that adroitly illustrates the ongoing effects of systematic racism; a searing look into a contemporary movement. MEMOIR As beautiful as it is heartbreaking, this examination by Laymon explores the politics and policing of black male bodies along with the heartache of black excellence.

Race, politics, poverty, addiction, body issues, family, manhood, feminism, education—this book has it all. Crown Archetype. MEMOIR Activist McBride writes movingly of her political activism, her experience as a trans person, and falling in love and then losing her love to cancer. In a series of vignettes, she reflects on her Native identity, mental health, dysfunctional family, and relationships lost and found. After cracks in her upbringing started to appear, she began a delayed pursuit of education.

In examining the way prosperous teams operate, Coyle looks at how culture can be created to help any group transform into a team. He offers examples of what to do and what not to do in order to create an environment of innovation and success. Davenport tells the story of their rivalry and competing projects. In order to make tough choices and focus on what matters, businesses need a way to measure what matters. Venture capitalist Doerr shares case studies of OKRs objectives and key results through the stories of companies such as Google and Intel.

Unlike old power, new power can be gained and wielded by anyone. CEOs Heimans and Timms explain this phenomenon—what it is and how to navigate it—as well as its importance for grassroots campaigns and start-ups. Tooze considers the financial history of the last ten years to show how current events trace back to their roots in the Great Recession and looks at how the world has changed as a result. This newest addition from award-winning author Beranbaum features several foolproof recipes for common baked goods. Da Capo. These recipes by sisters Cohen and Fox reflect the spices of Lebanon, Israel, and Syria, with a Mediterranean core of vegetables and an American appetite for quick meals.

The accessible vegan dishes will appeal to all cooks. Flatiron: Macmillan. The stunning easy-to-follow meals, both plant- and meat-based, will appeal to readers of culinary narratives. Ten Speed. Rux Martin: Houghton Harcourt.